may 25, 2006:
mezoGIS 0.1.5 (unstable) released

may 25, 2006:
mezoGIS 0.1.4 released

april 21, 2006:
0.1.3 (unstable) released


mezoGIS 0.1.5
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The data seen in the screenshots is property of the IRPUD.


mezoGIS is a young project, and could need a hand. See the developer page for more information.

General Information

mezoGIS is a GIS application, a graphical interface to query and analyse spatial data. mezoGIS does not store or compute data directly, but operates external PostGIS databases. The goal of mezoGIS is to provide a tool for geo-spatial analysis with PostGIS, through on-the-fly SQL queries as well as through larger, external plugin scripts.

There are other, excellent open source applications that can display PostGIS data sets (like QGis or GRASS). Those projects, however, expect properly indexed tables as an input, and don't provide a built-in functionality to launch SQL queries. The focus of mezoGIS is to stay close to the SQL workflow: Spatial queries are launched through manually entered SQL commands, and result sets containing geometry are displayed as map layers.

The first public release of mezoGIS was in march 2006. mezoGIS is entirely written in the python programming language, for gtk+. While optimized for the GNOME Desktop, it runs well on other desktops and window managers, as well as on windows.

mezoGIS is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Features; last update: 26 jun 2006; Frédéric Back; fredericback at gmail com